Job interview attire

Before you say a word to the interviewer, you already made a first impression. Wearing the right interview attire is very important. So, what should you wear to your interview? That all depends on the position you’re applying for and the company culture. You can imagine that you need to dress differently if you’re going to an accountancy position than if you would go to a casual tech startup. has all the information you need on how to dress for a job interview. In our blogs, we discuss what you should and what not to wear. Also, you can find information on how to impress an interviewer and tips in general on how to dress for success.

Always remember that you go for an option that is professionally appropriate to the company and position you’re applying to. While it may be tempting to dress a bit more casual for a follow-up interview, you still need to dress professionally. Therefore, when you’re in doubt on what to wear, always go for safe.

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