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How to Answer: Why Are You Leaving Your Job?

why are you leaving your job

How to answer: ‘Why are you leaving your job?’ in a job interview

When preparing for an interview, keep in mind that the interviewer will most likely ask you the reason why you need the job you’re applying for or if you’ve worked in an organization previously, why you left. Many people have failed to land the job because they focused their answer based on the past or the negative experiences they encountered instead of introducing the interviewer to a brighter future the company will be entering once they’re hired. This is an opportunity for you to sell yourself to the employer. You should give an answer that puts you in the spotlight without you having to degrade your previous employer or the company you worked with.

Also, giving a negative reply doesn’t portray you as someone who is worthy of the position. Nobody wants anyone that would see the negatives rather than the positives in situations. Let your answer be one that exhorts the name of the company for which you are being interviewed.

Some examples of the best answer will be reviewed below but always keep in mind to talk about the future rather than the past. This will help you in an instance where you didn’t leave your former workplace under the best circumstances.

Example answers to: ‘Why are you leaving your job?’:

Other examples can be:

Never bad mouth your previous (or current) employer

No matter what the circumstances or reason for leaving for your previous employer or manager, do not speak ill of them. No matter how terrible you were treated and how much you feel the need to express this, please do not talk bad about them. The employer might just think that’s how you’ll talk ill about him/her when next you go to apply for a job and it’ll only reduce your chance of securing the position for which you’re being interviewed. Instead of talking down about your former or about-to-be former manager, seize the opportunity to sell your self and show the interviewer how much you can handle responsibilities and challenges that come your way and give a positive reaction to them.

During the interview:


In this article, we have been able to tactically make you understand what to say when it comes to answering the question of why you left your previous employer. Remember to not speak bad about them and turn around to put yourself in the spotlight and to your own advantage.

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