Questions to ask during interviews for teacher jobs

Asking questions during teacher interviews shows that you’re interested in the job and it also helps to figure out if it’s the kind of school you would want to work in. It gives you an advantage because you’re showing that you did your homework, and the interviewer can learn some qualities about you. This way, you establish a connection between you and the interviewer, and you will be able to communicate more freely. Make sure that you prepare as well as possible, from your dress code to your communication skills and your curriculum vitae.

Questions that you can ask during a teacher job interview are, for instance:

  • Ask about the school culture

After the interviewer asks whether you have questions ask about the school culture and how the school operates, the relationship of the teacher with their fellow teachers, the relationship of teachers with students, and the interaction of teachers and the parents. Whether there are sports days? Career talks for students and all those kind of topics.

This may help you introduce ideas that were not in the school, and if well accepted you could be a great asset to the school since they will forever remember that idea since it was you that came up with it an example: inventing clubs, a physical education activity, and even career talks

  • Ask about the different subjects

It’s a good idea to ask questions about the subjects taught at the school; any foreign languages taught, the core curriculum activities, about the school community etcetera. Ask about the other teachers and the kind of technology used in the school.

  • The qualities of a teacher you would like to hire?

Asking this kind of question will help you match your qualities with those the hiring manager will state, and that will enable you to gauge whether you are the best candidate for that job, or at least it will help you know what you are supposed to achieve after a certain period.

Also, it will help you know the standards you will have to meet so that you can continue working in that particular school.

  • Is there a mentorship program for new teachers?

The answer from the hiring manager will either be a yes or a no. This will help you know whether the will be someone to take you the school’s policy and culture or will you just find it out on your own as the days go by.

Not only about mentorship for new teachers, but you could also ask whether teachers get to participate in extracurricular activities away from the school.

  • Ask about the number of students?

Ask about the number of students at the school, the number of students in each class? The ratio of student to teachers in the school? The cleaning and cooking staff. Ask how one can differentiate between the teaching staff and cleaning or cooking staff, by asking this it helps one avoid the habit of mistaking someone.

  • Are there any challenges the school has faced in the past or is currently facing?

Here, the hiring managers will have to open up to you more about the school. There could be an issue of an increase in poor performances for students of a certain class.

An issue of the parents not co-operating or turning up for school meetings, or a case of indiscipline by the students, scarce supply of textbooks, and many other challenges. By listening to that, an idea may pop up in your mind, and you could also share a similar problem that happened in your previous job, and together a solution may have risen.

  • School achievements?

Most schools have an achievement could be in sports, the sports team emerged the best in the district, a club emerged the best or was position one, performance the school producing two or three best students in the county. Or maybe the school hosted another school for either a debate or club events.

Some of this achievement might be on the school website, but if there none of this on the school website, it is right to ask and ask about how they felt during such events.

  • Is there any kind of motivation for subject teachers with high performance?

The answer is either a yes or no. The hiring manager could clarify this question if yes was the answer; he or she could say that the teacher gets a pay rise or even a gift just like the students who have the best performances.

This was, it will help you teach your students well not only to get your motivation as a teacher but also to have many of your students being the most improved or those with the best performances that term.

  • Could you give a detailed plan of a teacher in this school?

This is to help you know how you expect your day in this school will be. The interviewer will probably give you more information on what a regular day looks like at the school. Think of basic things such as when classes start, what subjects you’re going to teach, and what your development and promotion options are.

After this, he or she can say the time classes commence, and the time for a tea break, after that the classes continue then a lunch break and also how long it is supposed to take. After that evening lessons and the time they are supposed to end, that could be at around three. An hour of games then the students leave at four, after students have left for home then the teachers also leave.