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Alicia D. Peterkin

HR Consultancy and Sourcing & Recruitment Strategist
Job Interview Coach & Career Coach
Human Resource Management, Western Governors University
Pennsylvania, United States


  • Has over 25 years of experience in human resources, recruitment, and operational management
  • Specializes in leadership strategy, HR systems efficiency, and talent management across diverse industries, including retail, non-profit, and consulting
  • Holds a deep commitment to simplifying HR complexities and building trust through quality support
  • Founder of New Methods Consulting, Inc., offering tailored HR solutions for small to large businesses


Alicia Peterkin is the visionary behind New Methods Consulting, Inc., where she serves as The HR Concierge™. With a foundation built on the values of kindness, active listening, and clear communication, Alicia has established herself as a trusted partner in the HR consulting realm. Her agency is dedicated to simplifying the intricate aspects of HR, ensuring clients receive consistent, high-quality support that ultimately grants them peace of mind and the gift of time.

Since founding her company in 2015, Alicia has been at the forefront of designing and implementing HR systems and processes that enhance operational efficiencies. Her work spans across states, including Colorado, Maryland, Indiana, Washington, and Pennsylvania, where she has led initiatives to improve leadership, engagement, and compliance.

Alicia’s approach is deeply rooted in creating long-lasting relationships and serving as a reliable sounding board for her clients, reflecting a partnership that extends beyond mere consultancy. Her dedication to doing what is right, honest, and true, coupled with her ability to navigate adversity with humor, has made her an appreciated figure among clients and colleagues alike.

Before embarking on her entrepreneurial journey, Alicia played a pivotal role as an Operations Manager at the National Council of the United States, Society of St. Vincent de Paul. Here, she led HR and operations strategies for a multi-site retail organization, demonstrating her ability to drive significant improvements in employee relations, payroll, benefits, recruiting, and onboarding.


Alicia earned her bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management from the Western Governors University. She also holds an associate’s degree in Business Administration.

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