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Diana Avasilcutei

Operations Management, Project Management, HR & Legal Compliance
Senior HR Manager & Career Expert
MBA in Finance & Bachelor in Private Law
Styria, Austria


  • Experience in high-growth international environments
  • Solid background in HR and legal compliance
  • Proven track record in talent acquisition, performance management, and process optimization
  • Skilled at leading remote teams, driving operational efficiency, and managing projects to successful completion


With a career spanning nearly two decades, Diana Avasilcutei has gained extensive experience in operations, HR, and legal advising. Her strategic approach has led to growth and service optimization, along with impactful improvements in her roles. She excels in enhancing efficiency, fostering talent development, and boosting revenue. However, her greatest passion is discovering the untapped potential within teams and guiding them towards success.

As an author for, Diana brings a wealth of industry knowledge and hands-on experience. Her insightful articles will provide readers with valuable advice on navigating the world of remote work, HR strategies, and legal considerations. Through her writing, Diana plans to share best practices, tips, and trends to empower individuals and businesses alike.


Academically, Diana is well-equipped with an MBA in Public Finance and a Bachelor’s degree in Private Law from the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University in Romania. Complementing her degrees are a range of professional credentials: a Project Management Professional Certificate from Google, a certification in Human Resources Analytics from the University of California, a Scrum Master Accredited Certification from the International Scrum Institute, and a course in AI Applications in People Management from the Wharton School.

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