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Terry Withers

Recruitment, Talent Sourcing & Career and Interview Coaching
Job Interview & Career Coach
BA and a NVQ in Business & Administration
London, United Kingdom


  • Over 5 years of experience recruiting professionals within the legal sector for some of the biggest firms in the world.
  • Worked in-house and in agency to upskill candidates and hiring managers on interview techniques.
  • Experienced with working with candidates at all levels, whether aiming to secure a training contract, legal support role, or a senior qualified position.


Terry Withers is a job interview and career coach at Megainterview. With over 5 years of invaluable experience in Legal Recruitment, he is a seasoned professional adept at helping candidates with their interview skills using industry-approved techniques. Having worked as both a recruitment agency consultant and an in-house recruiter, he has developed an insight into the skills that top organizations look for when interviewing.

As a London-based consultant, he has helped many candidates prepare for interviews with some of the world’s leading law firms, as well as developing guides for candidates to improve their techniques. He has also helped develop several law firms’ interviewing and application processes.

Terry is passionate about ensuring you are well-equipped to put yourself across well in an interview and can help ensure you do not miss out on opportunities due to a lack of confidence or interviewing ability.


Terry achieved a BA in Popular Music from the University of Essex as well as an NVQ in Business & Administration.

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