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Best Interview Attire for Women

interview attire for women

When we talk of interviews, dressing for it could seem like a herculean task. One is stuck in between the options of what to wear and what not to wear. You would want to stand out, look good, look smart, look professional, and at the same time, fit into the company’s dress code and culture. It is quite unfortunate that no magic outfit suits all occasions.


Since there is none, you might have to take your time to pick an outfit that is tailored to the nature of the business, the company culture, the type of interview, and, of course, your dressing choice as well. So, what is the best interview attire for women? Please find more information below. Also, check our blog on interview attire for men.

Whether you are going for a formal or a casual interview, you still need to dress the part. Here, we will be providing you with tips and advice to help you come up with a perfect fit for your next job interview. Also, make sure to prepare for the most frequently asked job interview questions.

Take charge of your wardrobe

Are you a recent university graduate? Setting yourself up in the business and corporate world is a topmost priority. That is partly why you went to college. To attain that position, you have to dress for it. You have to stand out from your competitors, and you should note that the effort you put into choosing your outfit would indicate how serious you are about getting that job. Besides that, your outfit needs to make the right impression. Get yourself ready for your job interview by preparing questions you can expect.

Pick the right attire out of the varieties

We always say women’s dressing could be complicated, but it really shouldn’t be. With the recent outburst in fashion trends, women have a wider range of options to choose from. It really shouldn’t be any more difficult than just picking the right one for your occasion. However, regardless of the range of options for you and your fashion taste, the bottom line while choosing your interview attire is to look professional and appear smart.

Classical interview wardrobe tips for women

  1. A classic pantsuit or skirt suit always does the magic

Pantsuits are generally accepted for job interviews. Skirt suits make a good choice as well. However, not all companies fully accept it. If a skirt suit is a choice for you, try to find out if the company is okay with their workers wearing them to work. Whichever is the case, it is really not a bad idea. Your interview suits should make for simplicity and should be in a subdued color.

Avoid wearing a skirt suit that is tight or too short. If you must wear skirts, make sure they are the right size and knee-length. You may be tempted to wear long skirts since decency is encouraged, but that could appear overboard. In essence, stick to skirts that are knee-length, only a little above the knee or a little below the knee. For freedom of movement, do wear an outfit that you are comfortable with. If your waistband is too tight and cutting into your skin, you might be restless and not be in a good state of mind, and this would ultimately affect your performance during the interview.

  1. Shine with your blazer

A blazer paired with a blouse makes for a great official interview outfit. Its possible outfit combination is quite versatile and leaves one with a simple yet smart look. Blazers come in different colors, but navy blue colored ones are just simply sweet. Other colors, like black and grey, also work. A textured blazer or corduroy blazer gives one a sophisticated appearance. If there is anything like magic interview attire, then that is blazers.

Blazers can be worn for different occasions; meetings, official interviews, and casual interviews. They can be paired with numerous outfits, such as a blouse, a button-down, and even sleeveless gowns. If you are going for a casual interview and need to appear more casual, then you can decide to go for the collarless one with three-quarter-length sleeves. The blazer, paired with a button-down shirt or a cool blouse, makes a perfect combination when worn with smart khaki pants or a knee-length khaki skirt.

  1. Wear a conserved but classic shirt or blouse

If you have picked a color for your suit, you should try getting a matching color for your shirt or blouse. While you should not wear bright or dazzling colors, you should not look too bland. Wear a color that is a little bright and would complement the dark colors of the suit. You could go on stripes, but not the glaring ones. A light-colored shirt or blouse is just a better option. Do not be tempted to wear spaghetti straps or straplessness beneath your jacket.

  1. Khaki skirts and shirts are not bad for your casuals

For your casual interviews, you have more freedom to experiment with dressing and try out new things. Official interviews, however, have a more limited option. Khakis are not a bad addition to your interview wardrobes. Khaki shirts will go well with a matching skirt or pants. Just like the blazers, khaki skirts and shirts are highly versatile. The skirts can be paired with different tops. With them, you have the option to either dress up or dress down depending on the occasion.

There are also khaki blazers available now that are great for casual interviews. Just like the shirt and skirts, they are versatile and can be worn with a button-down shirt or blouse. It can also be worn with dark-wash jeans or traditional pencil skirts.

  1. Classy sweaters and slacks

Black pants form an essential part of women’s wardrobe. When paired with blazers or a button-down shirt, it is perfect for formal interviews. Go for the ones with subdued colors like black, brown, and navy. However, you could pair it with a sweater to get a more casual look. It only calls for creativity.

  1. Button downs are not always boring

We’ve mentioned button-downs a good number of times in this post. Do you know you can actually wear them and rock? Yes, you could wear button-downs and stand out in the crowd. It depends on how unique you make your own style. You can try out clothing material like silk chiffon and wear it over a camisole. Basic colors such as blue, white, and pink still work for button-downs, but you can still diversify and wear colors that are more interesting. You should, however, ensure that they are not distracting.

When shopping for your button-downs, check out for their neckline. Remember that the standard of decency still stands. The neckline should not be the one that dips down too much and would show your cleavage. If it is designed to be worn as a tuck-in, then, by all means, do tuck yours in. In this way, you appear smart and professional.

  1. Combinations of a blouse, bow tie and skirt

Women on bow ties rock the occasion. A blouse with a bow and a complementing skirt makes for a classic look. Lend more credence to the top by adding a tiny waist belt to the attire. If you don’t want to go on a skirt, you can also pair it with slacks or pants. If it is an official interview, you could touch it up with a jacket. With these, you are definitely good to go.

  1. Have you thought of pantyhose?

Unlike in past years, recent pantyhose are much more comfortable to wear around. In as much as it is not fully accepted as an outfit for business interviews, some companies do accept it, especially during the hot weather. You, however, should not take chances with this one. Make your inquiries first and ensure it is acceptable attire for your company before wearing it. And if you have to wear it, opt for a color close to your skin color.

  1. Don’t forget your footwear

Touch your dressing up with the perfect footwear. You can go on low or mid-heel. Peep-toe heels are quite tasteful and okay for your interviews. A closed-toe pump is also a nice choice. For your casual interviews, you can choose to go on loafers or dolly shoes. Still, stick to shoes that would give you a professional look.

  1. Jewellery, make-up, and hairstyle

Use only light make-up and inconspicuous jewelry. Just your watch and small-sized earrings will do. You don’t need the excessive dazzling. Your hairstyle should be a smart-looking one.

Additional details for interview attire for women

  • Do not wear strong perfume
  • Cover up visible tattoos and body piercings
  • Do not wear your sunglasses as a headband
  • Do not wear jewelry that is noisy and distracting
  • You can carry either a leather purse or a briefcase
  • Your nails should be neatly manicured. Your nail should be neutral-colored
  • Avoid exposing other accessories such as a cell phone. You can turn it off or put it on silent mode and then put it inside your bag

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