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Musician & Singer

By Megainterview Career Coach

Musician & Singer Interview Questions & Answers

Musicians and singers play instruments or sing for live audiences and in recording studios.

Interviewers look for candidates that demonstrate excellent skills such as:

  • Interpersonal skills
  • Dedication
  • Musical talent
  • Physical stamina
  • Discipline
  • Promotional skills

In this blog, we discuss commonly asked interview questions during job interviews for Musician & Singer positions. We also discuss the qualities that interviewers look for in successful candidates. In other words, we’re here to help you out!

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Skills Interviewers Look For In Successful Candidates

Below we discuss the skills you can highlight in your answers to demonstrate that you’re qualified for the job.


Why interviewers are interested in your dedication::

Auditioning for jobs can be a frustrating process because it may take many different auditions to get hired. Musicians and singers need determination and dedication to continue to audition after receiving many rejections.


Why interviewers are interested in your discipline:

Talent is not enough for most musicians and singers to find employment in this field. They must constantly practice and rehearse to improve their technique, style, and performance.

Interpersonal skills

Why interviewers are interested in your interpersonal skills:

Musicians and singers need to work well with various people, such as agents, music producers, conductors, and other musicians. Good people skills are helpful in building good working relationships.

Learn more about interpersonal skill interview questions and how to answer them!

Musical talent

Why interviewers are interested in your musical talent:

Professional musicians or singers must have superior musical abilities.

Physical stamina

Why interviewers are interested in your physical stamina:

Musicians and singers who play in concerts or in nightclubs, and those who tour, must be able to endure frequent travel and irregular performance schedules.

Promotional skills

Why interviewers are interested in your promotional skills:

Musicians and singers need to promote their performances through local communities, word of mouth, and social media. Good self-promotional skills are helpful in building a fan base.


Musician & Singer Job Interview Questions & Answers

During a job interview, the hiring manager wants to discuss several things. Think of your:

Below you find a list of commonly asked interview questions.

Examples Of General Musician & Singer Interview Questions

  1. Tell me about yourself.
  2. How would you describe yourself?
  3. Why do you want to work here?
  4. What interests you about this position?
  5. Walk me through your resume.
  6. What motivates you?
  7. Why are you leaving your current job?
  8. Describe your work ethic.
  9. What is your greatest strength?
  10. How does your experience qualify you for this job?
  11. What is your greatest weakness?
  12. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  13. Tell me about a challenging work situation and how you overcame it.
  14. What are your expectations for this position?
  15. What are your career goals?
  16. Why should we hire you?
  17. What did you like most about your last position?
  18. What did you like least about your last position?
  19. How do you handle stress?
  20. What is your greatest accomplishment?

Learn how to answer these common job interview questions!

Examples Of Specific Musician & Singer Behavioral Interview Questions

Learn more about answering behavioral interview questions by using the STAR interview technique.

  1. How would you describe your own personal style? Why?
  2. Who would you most like to collaborate with in the future? Why?
  3. Tell me about your greatest achievement as a musician/singer?
  4. If you could open a show for any artist, who would it be? Why?
  5. What instruments do you play? Walk me through your experience and skills. Which instrument is your favorite to play? Why?
  6. Tell me, what inspired you to create and play music?
  7. Where have you performed? What are your favorite and least favorite venues to perform at?
  8. What is your favorite song to perform? Why?
  9. If you could change anything about the music industry, what would it be? Why?
  10. What is the best advice you ever received? Who gave it to you?

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