Job Searching and Job Interviews is your guide to discover how you should go about your job search and job interviews. Learn everything from the most commonly used job interview questions and the answers you should give the interviewer to ace that job interview.

Job hunting, job searching or job seeking, they all mean the same. It’s the process of looking for a (new) position. Searching for a job can be challenging. There are different techniques out there to get you started.

  1. The traditional job search, such as looking in the newspaper, cold calling companies or using your network.
  2. Using online search engines and job boards. Also, LinkedIn and even Twitter are options to look for jobs.

Tips to assist you in your job search:

  1. Don’t wait for companies to approach you via job boards. Make sure you have a great resume that stands out and reaches out to hiring managers directly.
  2. Find out what job would really suit you before you start your search. Fit for the job and culture is important for you as well as the employer.
  3. Getting referred by someone you know is one of the greatest ways to get hired.
  4. Be creative. When you’re applying online you need something that will make you stand out. Write a creative cover letter to show that you took the time to explain to the company why they should invite you to an interview.
  5. If you have interviews coming up, make sure that you prepare and practice your answers. Do this according to the STAR-method.