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Hourly Pay Calculator: Calculate Your Actual Pay per Hour


At, we strive to help you make the best career decisions confidently. Calculating your actual pay per hour gives you a better insight into what you actually earn on an hourly basis. In turn, this can help you in negotiating your salary or promotion with an employer. It may surprise you what you actually make on an hourly basis if you include your bonus, weekly hours, and total weeks of vacation. Below you can find the hourly pay calculator.

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How to use the Hourly Pay Calculator

While you cannot calculate your hourly pay down to the minute, having a solid estimate will give you a better insight into how much you actually make. Here’s how o use the hourly pay calculator

After you filled in all parameters mentioned above you will see that the calculator will calculate your hourly pay. is the go-to website to prepare your job interview and land your dream job. On our interview topics information pages and blog posts you will find all the information you need to make the right impression during your job interview. Start preparing now and make sure to get that job!

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