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By Megainterview Career Coach

Bartender Interview Questions & Answers

Bartenders mix drinks and serve them directly to customers or through wait staff.

Interviewers look for candidates that demonstrate excellent skills such as:

In this blog, we discuss commonly asked interview questions during job interviews for bartender positions. We also discuss the qualities that interviewers look for in successful candidates. In other words, we’re here to help you out!

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Skills Interviewers Look For In Successful Candidates

Below we discuss the skills you can highlight in your answers to demonstrate that you’re qualified for the job.

Communication skills

Why interviewers are interested in your communication skills:

Bartenders must listen carefully to their customers’ orders, explain drink and food items, and make menu recommendations. They also should be able to converse with customers on a variety of subjects and create a friendly and welcoming environment.

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Customer service skills

Why interviewers are interested in your customer-service skills:

Bartenders must have good customer service skills to ensure repeat business.

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Decision-making skills

Why interviewers are interested in your decision-making skills:

Bartenders must be able to make good decisions. For example, they should be able to detect intoxicated and underage customers and deny service to those individuals.

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Physical stamina

Why interviewers are interested in your physical stamina:

Bartenders spend hours on their feet, walking and standing while preparing drinks and serving customers.

Physical strength

Why interviewers are interested in your physical strength:

Bartenders should be able to lift and carry heavy cases of liquor, beer, and other bar supplies—cases that often weigh up to 50 pounds.


Bartender Job Interview Questions & Answers

During a job interview, the hiring manager wants to discuss several things. Think of your:

Below you find a list of commonly asked interview questions.

Examples Of General Bartender Interview Questions

  1. Tell me about yourself.
  2. How would you describe yourself?
  3. Why do you want to work here?
  4. What interests you about this position?
  5. Walk me through your resume.
  6. What motivates you?
  7. Why are you leaving your current job?
  8. Describe your work ethic.
  9. What is your greatest strength?
  10. How does your experience qualify you for this job?
  11. What is your greatest weakness?
  12. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  13. Tell me about a challenging work situation and how you overcame it.
  14. What are your expectations for this position?
  15. What are your career goals?
  16. Why should we hire you?
  17. What did you like most about your last position?
  18. What did you like least about your last position?
  19. How do you handle stress?
  20. What is your greatest accomplishment?

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Examples Of Specific Bartender Behavioral Interview Questions

Learn more about answering behavioral interview questions by using the STAR interview technique.

  1. What kind of customers are you used to serving?
  2. Are you able to work on a flexible schedule? For example, in the evenings and weekends?
  3. Have you completed any professional bartender training?
  4. What is your favorite drink to make?
  5. You’re working the bar, and you see a wine glass fall on the floor and smash. What actions do you take?
  6. A customer sends his/her drink back – what would you do?
  7. It’s very busy at your bar, and several customers are demanding your attention – how would you handle this situation?
  8. How strong are your teamwork skills? Give me an example of a successful teamwork experience.
  9. How do you keep yourself busy during slow nights?
  10. Tell me about a time you turned a negative situation with a customer into a positive one.
  11. What is your strategy for upselling?
  12. Tell me about a time you resolved a problem with an angry customer.
  13. What would you do if your colleague was not doing their share of the work?
  14. How would you rate your communication skills? Why?

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