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Types of Job Interview Questions

types of job interview questions
By MegaInterview Company Career Coach

There are different types of job interview questions you can be asked on a job interview. Always expect questions about your employment history, your ability to work, leadership skills, and so on. Furthermore, questions will be asked based on behavioral, case, situational, or competency aspect of the job seeker.

Every question answered on a job interview determines if you can do the job or not. Therefore, it is necessary to take out time to prepare for a job interview taking into special consideration the type of interview you will be attending. If you answer them well, your potential employer will certainly be pleased, and you stand higher chances of being employed.

Common Job Interview Questions

Take the time to review more of the common interview questions you will most likely be asked. You should also practice answering them either on your own or with an audience of your choice.

Behavioral Interview Questions

To find out if you are a good fit for the job, the hiring manager will ask you questions about your work experiences in the past. The idea here is that by focusing on how you handled certain situations and challenges in the past, they can predict how you will react to the same or similar situation in the future. You will need to respond with specific examples of how you handled situations in the past in your workplace.

Example question: ‘Give me an example of a goal you achieved and how you were able to attain that?’

 Case Interview Questions

In this type of question, the interviewer (potential employer) gives a business scenario and asks the candidate what he or she would do to handle the situation. This might as well include brainteasers and questions that do not directly relate to the company. It is expected of you to be creative and analytical.

Example: ‘How many Nokia phones do you think will be sold in 2025? How did you come to that figure?’

Competency Based Interview Questions

Competencies are those skills, experiences, attributes, and qualifications, which you possess and use in carrying out your tasks and responsibilities at your workplace. Those skills and behaviors of yours are required to attain high levels of performance. In this type of question, you required to give specific examples of times in which you have demonstrated particular skills or attitudes.

Example question: ‘Describe a situation where you solved a difficult problem that had always posed as a challenge to your company.’

Situational Interview Questions

This is similar to the behavioral interview questions where the candidate is asked specific questions about what could possibly happen at work. You will be asked to provide an assessment of a particular situation and then give solutions or a procedure on how to handle it. This type of question typically involves problem-solving and handling difficult issues and circumstances at work. It shows your ability to work under pressure.

Example question: ‘Describe a major challenge you have encountered at work. How did you handle it?’

Communication Skills Interview Questions

Communication skill is essential for every workplace. Thus, regardless of the role or job position, employers would always seek to hire employees that can communicate both verbally and non- verbally. If you have been shortlisted for an interview, expect that your communication skills will be evaluated and put to the test.

Example question: ‘Do you have a good working relationship with others? Will you rather work independently or as a team?’

Interpersonal Skills Interview Questions

No matter the level and type of job you are interviewing for, your interpersonal skills matter. Furthermore, your potential employer will want to know if you have the interpersonal skills necessary to get along with co-workers and customers.

Example question: ‘Tell me about a time when you had a conflict or disagreed with the ideas or decisions of your manager or employer. Was it resolved? How did you handle the situation?’

IT Interview Questions

This has to do with those who are applying for an Information Technology organization. Also, you will be asked more focused and specific questions about the education, technical skills, certifications, languages, and tools you have expertise in.

Example question: ‘What do you do to maintain your technical certifications and what steps have you taken to improve on your technical skills so far?’

Leadership Interview Questions

This is especially for those who are being interviewed for leadership or supervisory positions. The potential employer wants to know about the experience that qualifies you to lead, your leadership style, your accomplishments, and your expectations for the future.

Example question: ‘As a leader, how do you delegate tasks and how do you monitor the performance of the people you are leading?’

Management Interview Questions

These types of question are for those being interviewed for a management position. The interviewer will want to know about your experience, your management style, what you have accomplished in the past, and your future expectations. To provide an effective and impressive response to these questions, you should endeavor to share anecdotes and use specific examples from your past work experiences.

Example question: ‘How do you manage your workload and what is the most challenging thing about being a manager?’

Sales Interview Questions

This question is for those who are being interviewed for a marketing position. Of course, to build strong sales and marketing networks, employers know they have to hire employees that can meet targets, deal with rejection, be persuasive, and be persistent without appearing desperate or aggressive. This question is a challenging one because you need to do more than just respond to questions: you also have to show with illustrations on how you will handle certain scenarios that will be presented to you.

Example question: ‘Do you easily give up on persuading clients? How do you know when to stop?’

Company Culture Interview Questions

Company culture focuses on the way a particular company behaves: what it is known for, how its employees dress, its management, leadership, and administrative style. In conclusion, this type of question determines whether you will be a good fit for the company.

Example question: ‘How does this company view career development, and what are their approaches to it?’

Interview Questions about Your Abilities

Your abilities are necessary for the progress of a company. Moreover, this is focused on your ability as it relates to the qualifications required for the job. You have to review the job description, select the relevant stories you would share and practice on them.

Example question: ‘Why do you think that you will attain success in this job?’

Interview Questions about Leaving Your Job

Certainly, in a job interview, you will be asked why you left or why you are planning to leave your job. In other words, if you are not employed, you have to explain why you are not currently working. For example, a possible reason is that you just graduated or decided to take a job break.

Example question: ‘Why did you leave your previous job? What exactly are you seeking to find?’

Interview Questions about Salary

This question can be tricky. You need to be honest here. You need to answer in a way that ensures you will be paid a fair salary.

Example question: ‘What is your current salary, and what are your salary expectations for this job?’

Interview Questions about Strengths and Weaknesses

All employers want to know what your strengths are and what might be an issue if you are hired. Also, when answering these questions, make sure to focus more on your strengths.

Example question: ‘What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses?’

Interview Questions about Your Work History

This question has to do with your past job experiences, which includes the date of employment, our job position, job roles, the name of the organization or type of industry and even name of employer.

Example question: ‘What do you like or dislike about your previous work?’

Interview Questions about Yourself

This type of question has to do with how you fit within the company culture and team. In other words, these questions tell the interviewer more about you as a person. Based on this information, they can get a picture of, for instance, your personality, skills, and abilities, etc.

Example question: ‘Tell me about yourself.’

Motivation Interview Questions

Your employer wants to know what inspires or drives you to be more successful in your work. Furthermore, they are used to assess your motivational fit.

Example question: ‘What motivates you to do a great job?’

Personal Interview Questions

This type of questions is about your personality. For instance, your work style and work ethic, how you handle stress, how you handle certain situations, and other personal related issues.

Example question: ‘Tell me a bit about yourself and your source of motivation’

Phone Interview Questions

These kinds of interview questions are fast. It is like a tool job recruiters use for screening candidates for employment. Furthermore, any type of question can be asked here; the distinct thing is that the interview is held over the phone.

Teamwork Interview Questions

Some will rather work individually than as a team. Employers, however, usually prefer someone that can manage both working conditions. Also, the reason for asking these type of questions is to know how well you can work in a team.

Example question: ‘What do you think are the most important things needed for effective teamwork in a place of work?’

Time Management Interview Questions

Every employer wants to know how you can manage time to accomplish more tasks in your work. In other words, how you manage time.

Example question: ‘Why is it important to manage time well, and how do you manage yours?’

Qualifications Interview Questions

This type of interview question will show your interviewer if you are qualified for the job. In conclusion, you need to let your potential know how qualified you are for the job.

Example question: ‘Tell me why you are qualified for this job position.’

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