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Office and Administrative Support

Office and Administrative Support Occupations


The most recent data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (2021) states the following about office and administrative support occupations:

Overall employment in office and administrative support occupations is projected to decline 4 percent from 2021 to 2031, resulting in a decrease of about 880,800 jobs over the decade. Despite declining employment, opportunities are expected to arise from the need to replace workers who leave their occupations permanently. About 2.2 million openings each year, on average, are projected to come from replacement needs.

The median annual wage for this group was $38,050 in May 2021, which was lower than the median annual wage for all occupations of $45,760.


Office and Administrative Support Jobs

Below you will find a list of office and administrative support positions with a job summary, entry-level education, and median pay level. Each link brings you to a specific job page where you can find more information about the position and commonly asked interview questions and answers for that job.

OccupationJob SummaryEntry-Level Education2021 Median Pay
Bill and Account CollectorsBill and account collectors try to recover payment on overdue bills.High school diploma or equivalent$37,700
Bookkeeping, Accounting, and Auditing ClerksBookkeeping, accounting, and auditing clerks produce financial records for organizations and check financial records for accuracy.Some college, no degree$45,560
Customer Service RepresentativesCustomer service representatives interact with customers to handle complaints, process orders, and answer questions.High school diploma or equivalent$36,920
Desktop PublishersDesktop publishers use computer software to design page layouts for items that are printed or published online.Associate's degree$46,910
Financial ClerksFinancial clerks do administrative work, keep records, help customers, and carry out financial transactions.High school diploma or equivalent$44,760
General Office ClerksGeneral office clerks perform a variety of clerical tasks, including answering telephones, typing documents, and filing records.High school diploma or equivalent$37,030
Information ClerksInformation clerks perform routine clerical duties, maintain records, collect data, and provide information to customers.High school diploma or equivalent$37,450
Material Recording ClerksMaterial recording clerks track product information in order to keep businesses and supply chains on schedule.High school diploma or equivalent$37,870
Police, Fire, and Ambulance DispatchersPublic safety telecommunicators, including 911 operators and fire dispatchers, answer emergency and nonemergency calls and provide resources to assist those in need.High school diploma or equivalent$46,670
Postal Service WorkersPostal service workers sell postal products and collect, sort, and deliver mail.High school diploma or equivalent$51,730
ReceptionistsReceptionists do tasks such as answering phones, receiving visitors, and providing information about their organization to the public.High school diploma or equivalent$29,950
Secretaries and Administrative AssistantsSecretaries and administrative assistants perform routine clerical and administrative duties.High school diploma or equivalent$39,680
TellersTellers are responsible for accurately processing routine transactions at a bank.High school diploma or equivalent$36,310


Job Interview Topics – Common Job Interview Questions & Answers

Below you can find a list of common job interview topics. Each link will direct you to an article regarding the specific topics that discuss commonly asked interview questions. Furthermore, each article discusses why the interviewer asks these questions and how you answer them!

  1. Accomplishments
  2. Adaptability
  3. Admission
  4. Behavioral
  5. Career Change
  6. Career Goals
  7. Communication
  8. Competency
  9. Conflict Resolution
  10. Creative Thinking
  11. Cultural Fit
  12. Customer Service
  13. Direct
  14. Experience
  15. Government
  16. Graduate
  17. Growth Potential
  18. Honesty & Integrity
  19. Illegal
  20. Inappropriate
  21. Job Satisfaction
  22. Leadership
  23. Management
  24. Entry-Level & No experience
  25. Performance-Based
  26. Personal
  27. Prioritization & Time Management
  28. Problem-solving
  29. Salary
  30. Situational & Scenario-based
  31. Stress Management
  32. Teamwork
  33. Telephone Interview
  34. Tough
  35. Uncomfortable
  36. Work Ethic

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